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Requisite Minimum for the Hungarian Nation ‚Äď 2010

The Turning Point



The Supremacy of Morality




Requisite Minimum for the Hungarian Nation ‚Äď 2010





World Federation of Hungarians

March 15, 2010



of the World Federation of Hungarians


Motivated by the sense of responsibility for the future and the current plight of the Hungarian nation, all the while keeping in mind the globalization processes,  the World Federation of Hungarians, adopted  and made public in September 2005 the document entitled:

Requisite Minimum for the Hungarian Nation

During the period of more than four years that has passed since its publication, the ensuing societal, economic and political changes that have taken place have caused a grievous deterioration in the condition of the Hungarian nation. The ruling political elite has failed to espouse the items of the Requisite Minimum for the Hungarian Nation in its activities; indeed, it has been acting explicitly in the opposite direction. This has intensified the crisis, which today has become a moral, political and economic crisis.  

The Hungarian World Congress, which convened in August 2008 on the occasion of  the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the World Federation of Hungarians, made it its objective to bring a turnaround in the morality and mentality in the life of Hungary  and the Hungarian people. More than 800 delegates and about 400 guests took part in the 12 conferences, in which academicians from the East, politicians from the West, Hungarian scholars, researchers and public figures deliberated on the questions of life and death matters of the Hungarian people. The VII World Congress, which was honored in a letter of greeting by His Excellency, the Dalai Lama and another by Professor Mario Alinei, perhaps the most renowned philologist in Europe, represented a beautiful, so far unseen, arch extending from the Altai region to the Atlantic Ocean, in the center of which stood the much cherished, gifted, Hungarian people, who deserve a better fate.

Hungarian Society is ready for the Turning Point

The VII Hungarian World Congress, as the all-Hungarian institution endowed with the greatest legitimacy, which, since June 4 1920, has alone represented in a lawful manner the totality of the Hungarian people, has made several resolutions that have supported and even complemented the precepts listed in the document. With its most important resolution, it adopted the Declaration of Self-Determination for the Hungarian people.  Following this, based on the proposal of the conference: Re-examination of the Treaty of Trianon, the Presidium  of the World Federation of Hungarians formulated and adopted the petition:  Justice for Europe, aiming to reexamine the Peace Treaties of Trianon (1920) and Paris (1947). These documents opened new chapters for the assertion of Hungarian national interests; therefore, their message was used to complement the document: Requisite Minimum for the Hungarian Nation. The World Federation of Hungarians expects that all the political forces, which endeavor to represent the sovereignty of the people - i.e. who are standing for office in the parliamentary elections ‚Äď espouse as their own and will be prepared to include the Requisite Minimum for the Hungarian Nation in their election platforms as well as in their government programs.

We expect that, as a Member of Parliament, you will stand up for, and, as a member of the Government, lead in the realization of the Turning Point Initiative that follows.

Budapest, March 15, 2010




¬ß 0.  A complete moral revival


Twenty years on the wrong path is enough. We have to announce the end of the Hungarian Republic proclaimed on October 23, 1989. The democratic constitutional state that was proclaimed 20 years ago can be considered void and defunct:

  • since, during the 20 years of existence, out of the almost 400 Members of Parliament, not one asked to whom, for what reason and for how long do the Hungarian people have to make interest payments of 1.500 billion HUF annually, while the debt not only does not lessen, but continuously increases; 

  • since the Government of Hungary, with lies, a deluge of violations of the Constitution and breaches of the law in connection with the  December 5,  2004 plebiscite, deceived the citizens of Hungary, who were preparing to vote on the standardization of the Hungarian identity on both sides of the borders of the country; 

  • since it allowed the speech at Balaton√∂sz√∂d on  September 17, 2006, indecently besmirching the country, to go unpunished; 

  • since, on  October 23,  2006, in Budapest, on the 50th anniversary of the glorious Revolution and Freedom Fight, frenzied mercenaries opened fire on the peaceful commemorators and trampled upon the Hungarian national flag; 

  • since the Parliament in Budapest, on December 17, 2007, accepted, without even reading it, the Treaty of Lisbon with a four-fifths majority, and  in fact eliminated the sovereignty of the Republic of Hungary; 

  • since it (the Parliament) has become hostile to human life: the Constitutional Court,  i.e. the Supreme Court, forced upon the people the law which makes it legal for an 18 year-old person to become sterilized for life; 

  • since the Constitutional Court committed  a most grievous breach of the law by actively inhibiting the sovereignty of the people from asserting itself, when it  delayed for three years the proclamation of the second round of the referendum  in the matter of the citizenship for Hungarians  living abroad; 

  • since the Constitutional Court has been operating in violation of the Constitution, all of its decisions for the last 21 years are de jure null and void.



The moral revival of Hungarian Society is not dependent on our material existence.  The saints, the deliverers and the vanguards are examples for the future of the growing new generation and the sustainers of their faith and hope. They shape the spiritual aspects of the new generation. We always need moral examples, but especially in the present time, in the time of our moral revival.

To accomplish this:

1. Support and urge the complete uncovering of the circumstances of the death of S√°ndor Petofi and put an end to the fabricated history forced upon the nation.

2. Do away with corruption and punish criminal politicians to restore trust in the elected representatives.



§ 1. Enforcement of the claim of the Hungarian people to self-government


The basic instrument of the solution is self-government built upon the principle of freedom and equality, which is a natural and inalienable right, according to the basic right accepted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1977.

In the interest of achieving this:

3. The declared claim for self-government by the people of Hungary has to be incorporated into the Hungarian Constitution, and a new national strategy has to be developed for the assertion of their right to self-government.

4. The chief means for the assertion of the right of self-government is the plebiscite.  We expect the Hungarian Government to render all possible support for the realization of the plebiscite, and to create the essential conditions for the success of the right of self-government. The Government should represent the declared will of the people before all responsible forums and chiefly before the Organization of the United Nations.

5. In the process of Hungarian self-government, which is incorporated in all nations’ right for self-government, the Hungarian Government should, on a Constitutional basis, provide a protected status for Hungarian communities living in the detached territories in the Carpathian Basin.

¬ß 2.  Justice for Europe


The settlement of the Hungarian question cannot be delayed!

June 4, 2010 will be the 90th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Trianon.  

After the end of World War I, the Victorious Powers realized their intention, which was already expressed before the War, to tear the Hungarian nation into seven pieces.  They did this to the Hungarian Kingdom, which, since 1222, had had a written Constitution and was, to the rest of Europe, an example of a constitutional state.  They forced 3.5 million Hungarians, without asking them and against their will, to live under foreign rule. The Treaty of Paris, signed on February 10, 1947, which closed World War II, was a new dictate for Hungary, a second Trianon, which went further than the first one: new territories were taken, and, after the War, the killing of our people continued. After the Treaty of Paris, the Hungarian State, under the Communist system, forgot the compatriots annexed to other states, despite constitutional obligations to them.  Today, when the European Community (European Union) would like to become a region of ‚ÄúFreedom, Law and Security‚ÄĚ, there cannot be double standards against even one nation ‚Äď including Hungary. Therefore, today, 90 years after World War I, we say: Justice for Hungary, which really means: Justice for Europe!

In the interests of providing justice:

6. The Government should initiate the re-examination of the Treaty of Trianon, which closed World War I, and the Treaty of Paris, which closed World War II, abolishing the further discrimination against the Hungarian people and ensuring the administration of justice for the Hungarian people.


¬ß 3.  A unified Hungarian Nation


The restoration of the political unity of the Hungarian Nation is one of our most urgent tasks.  The World Federation of Hungarians ‚Äď acting according to the articles of its Constitution -- initiated a referendum in 2004, in order to provide all Hungarians with Hungarian citizenship, in spite of the promises of the Hungarian politicians, which were sabotaged. Although the plebiscite was declared invalid, it showed a majority of YES votes.  The moral obligation of the World Federation of Hungarians is to carry this question to a successful outcome. For this reason, it initiated a second referendum in this matter. In the process of the modification of the provision of law, the World Federation of Hungarians recommended a unilateral statement on the part of the persons in question; consequently, those who made this statement would receive citizenship on the same day.

In the interest of the restoration of the political unity of the Hungarian Nation

    7. The Government should initiate and support the modification of the Citizenship Law in such manner that all Hungarians, who were stripped of their Hungarian citizenship by the Trianon Dictate ‚Äď or by some other way ‚Äď against their will, including their descendants, should regain their Hungarian citizenship, without any particular preconditions, e.g. even without repatriation.

    8. It should initiate and support the procurement of citizenship for Cs√°ng√≥ Hungarians, without repatriation.


¬ß 4.  Hungarian National Culture and Education

The Hungarian spirit is second to none among the nations of Europe.  Its creations ‚Äď from hieroglyphics, through Non-Euclidian Geometry to the Holographic World Model ‚Äď are all of outstanding importance to the intellectual life of the World. It is always our obligation to depend upon the achievements of the Hungarian Spirit, amidst peoples who are losing their culture because they are suffering the pressure of globalization. These creations are the treasures of the Hungarian people. The impact of Hungarian Studies upon the totality of the Hungarian Nation is to help to restore the national self-esteem and national consciousness, whereby rendering invaluable power and energy to the realization of the Social Turning-point.


In the interest of this:

    9. Let it be the task of public education to teach Hungarian studies.

   10. Initiate the re-examination of the Finno-Ugric theory of origin.



¬ß 5.  A Thriving Hungarian Nation 

  1. A.The population of Hungary decreases annually by the population of a small town, despite the growth of settlements, in consequence of the extremely high death indicators and the falling birth rates. The young families tend to have fewer and fewer children at an increasingly later age. This causes the change of generations to slow down, which means that the decrease of population further accelerates, and it might even become unstoppable.

A.   In the interest of increasing the population of the Hungarian nation, the improvement of its health condition and the reinforcement of its presence in the Carpathian Basin:

11. Initiate and support all such measures and rules of law, which stimulate, encourage and support the willingness of Hungarian families to have and raise children, specifically:

1.   achange from the personal income tax (PIT) system to the family income tax system; 

2.  tax-exemption for families with four children;

3.  the creation of family-friendly workplaces and child-care institutions, both in the competitive and the public sectors;

4.  the adoption of full-time motherhood status; 

5.   the willingness of young people, between 20-25 years of age, to have children.

¬ß 5.  A Thriving Hungarian Nation

  1. B.The Hungarian nation has become the most unhealthy nation in Europe, which is demonstrated, among other things, by the fact that the rate of the leading causes of death ‚Äď the malignant tumors and the cardio-vascular diseases ‚Äď is 3-4 times higher than the European average, so we regard it a priority that you should make every effort to initiate immediate budgetary and legislative measures to stop that tendency.


12. Take budgetary and other type of actions to encourage the growth of a healthy life-style and to control the harmful passions. 

13. Ensure for all Hungarian citizens the affordable and adequate prevention of diseases and also medical treatment by way of primary care and special health care.

¬ß 5.  A Thriving Hungarian Nation

  1. C.With the aim of reinforcing the Hungarian presence in the Carpathian Basin, you should initiate and support all measures, that

  • facilitate the immigration into Hungary of Hungarians living outside the Carpathian Basin;

  • slow down the assimilation of Hungarians into the national majority in the territories detached from Hungary;

  • decrease the emigration of Hungarians to the territories beyond the Carpathian Basin;

  • regulate the coexistence of Hungarian Gypsies and the Hungarian nation in the Carpathian Basin.

 C.   To accomplish this:

 14.  Allocate financial support exceeding 1 % of the GDP to the Hungarian communities living outside the borders of Hungary.

15.  In the issue of the Hungarian Gypsies, the welfare payments should be coordinated with the incoming payments.


§ 6. An end to the defenselessness and impoverishment

By European standards, the Hungarian people have become poor and defenseless due to the dispossessing economic policy of both the Communist State and later of the Hungarian ‚ÄúDemocratic‚ÄĚ State, after the ‚Äúchange of regime‚ÄĚ. The defenselessness leaves the Hungarian nation unprotected from the economic colonization endeavors. 

In the interest of decreasing the defenselessness and poverty of the country

16. Make public the documented history of the Government debt since 1982.

17. Demand reparations from the Successor States of the former Soviet Union for the alleviation of damages caused by the Soviet military aggression in 1956.

18. Take measures with immediate effect for the reparations of damages to property confiscated by the Communist Hungarian State to its citizens, estimated at a value of 25 thousand billion HUF; support only such financial policies, which guarantee that the budget allotted for the State debt and its interest will not exceed in any year the amount allotted for the reparation to its own citizens.

19. Initiate without delay and endorse ‚Äď even in the first full year of the parliamentary cycle ‚Äď all measures and legal rules modifications, in consequence of which the number of those living under subsistence level in Hungary will decrease by half by the last year of the parliamentary cycle.

20. Ensure by means of economic policy measures that, by the end of the parliamentary cycle, the net average income of the inhabitants will reach 60 % of the average income of the 15 States of the EU - before the Enlargement.

21. Initiate and support the modification of labor laws (e.g. Labor Code) in such a way that besides the development of Hungarian enterprises, the protection level of the Hungarian employees shall reach that of the States of Europe that provide the greatest level of safety.


¬ß 7.  The Hungarian land and natural resources should belong to the Nation

In the past 20 years, because of the mistaken and gravely anti-national activities of the political class in the field of economic policy and legislation, Hungary has lost a major part of the ownership rights of her capital goods. She became unprotected against the global economic expansion, largely restraining the natural means of life of the Hungarian nation.

In the interest of retaining the Hungarian land and other natural resources in national possession and use:

22. Take initiatives for the modification of the treaties concluded with the EU as well as the modification of the domestic laws to the effect that

  1. 1.the land be removed from the influence of the chapter on free movement of capital;

  2.  2.the Hungarian peasantry receive the same amount of agricultural support as the peasantry living in other European countries;

  3.  3.the Hungarian land remain Hungarian property.

23. Take initiative for such a modification of law that lays down that the Hungarian water supply and the sources of energy, as well as the companies performing the management of these, remain or come exclusively under Hungarian ownership.

¬ß 8.  The assertion of National Interests in the European Union

The representation of national interests within the EU has worked with a very low level of efficiency since the accession of Hungary. In the fields vital for Hungary we have to intensify the diplomatic and other representation. The State of Hungary cannot inflict such burdens on the Hungarian nation ‚Äď with reference to the EU -, which would leave her defenseless against the other peoples of Europe.

To that effect:

24.  Take initiatives for the repeal of measures causing damage to the Hungarian farmers.

25.  Mitigate those measures prescribed by the EU, which impede or paralyze the working capacity of the Hungarian economy and the companies.

26.  Guarantee that the terms included in the competition announcements related to public procurements and domestic investments should not exclude the Hungarian companies, but ensure real opportunities for them.

27.  Establish closer relationships with the countries sympathizing with us (Poland, Croatia, Italy and other Central European countries), and conclude a strategic alliance with them.

¬ß 9.  Protection against settlement

At the annual meeting of the Association of Trade Bureaus in Tel Aviv, on October 10th, 2007, the Prime Minister of Israel, Simon Peres, outlined the primary method of  expanding the Jewish  empire by way of commercial acquisition of the following areas: Manhattan, Poland, Romania, and our homeland, Hungary.

For us, Hungarians, this image of the future is unacceptable!

Israel's economic occupation of Hungary can not be included in the influx of other foreign capital. We must differentiate between the politically neutral influx of funds and the economic expansion of capital, intended to promote an occupation, supported by the state.  This latter one does not come alone.  Parallel to the economic occupation, comes a new colonization by means of the classic tools to ensure power:

  • the introduction of certain rules of the game, which ensure the rule of the powers-that-be, while preserving the appearance of democracy (in its fully-developed form, this is the typical two-party system of the United States),

  • the corruption of the political elite,

  • the monopoly of the tools for building a political culture,

  • the methodical demonization of the critics of the regime,

  • the take-over of the educational system,

  • the control of public health


In addition to all these, the agents of Israel have now succeeded in reducing the numbers in the National Guard, in reprogramming the political police (NBH and REBISZ) and, in the form of the INKAL Kft., have established control over the society and have introduced the methods of the use of force.  The presence of the INKAL Kft., on  October 23, 2006, with the bloodshed caused by their shooting people in the eyes and their use of ‚Äěvipers‚ÄĚ, immediately brings to mind, involuntarily, the IRGUN terror organization. 

In Hungary, the anti-Hungarian atrocities, committed by the gypsies, have grown in proportion to the growth of the Israeli occupation.  We still do not know whether or not there exists a causal relation behind this comparison.


Hungarians world-wide are following the realization of the Israeli settlement in our homeland with anxiety and a growing indignation.

In the interest of blocking the territorial conquest:

   28.   Call upon the State of Israel to immediately cease its politics of occupation in Hungary.  If it continues, sooner or later it will cause a destabilization in our territory, similar to that in the Middle East.   In the end, this is not in anyone‚Äôs interest.


¬ß 10.  A vital constitutional order and a working constitutional state

The establishment of a vital constitutional order and a working constitutional state, and, moreover, the assertion of the nation‚Äôs interests have become an urgent mission, brooking no delay.  The mission is the creation of a new Hungarian constitution (fundamental law), based on the scale of values of the Holy Crown of Hungary, which honors the Christian heritage and whose goal is to return to the ancient Hungarian Constitution that was developed throughout the millennia, to repair the breach in the legal continuity and to reinstate its fundamental tenets to effect social change.             

In the interest of this mission

         29. Propose that the political decision makers and the voting citizens of the state ‚Äď reinforced with a referendum ‚Äď accept a law that states:

         1. the present Hungarian state ‚Äď bound to the constitutional traditions of our public life ‚Äď considers itself to be a continuation of the former historical Hungarian state system, condemns all forms of absolutism and denies any kind of connection to any autocratic systems of the past;

         2. the National Assembly decrees that every four years there be a re-examination of the most constitutionally important laws in Hungary (the legislation and the state organizations), that there be a reinforcement of the National Assembly and the creation of new laws, in order that the historical continuity, the traditions of the Hungarian constitutional manner of thinking, as well as the present-day social and national-political requirements be achieved, with due emphasis.

30.     The following should play a determinant role:

1. the preservation of the identity and assets of Hungary, without regard to the borders of the state;

2.  The concept of the Holy Crown of Hungary ‚Äď to be held in respect in every state-system ‚Äď according to which:

         a)  the shared and monitored (incompatible with absolutism) source of power is the self-governing nation;

         b)  the highest power of the state is symbolized and personified in the Holy Crown, as the object of the highest power;

         c)  The Holy Crown is the source of all possessions within the state and is its symbol in respect to international matters;

         d)  an integral community should be created, without regard to the language, customs or religion of the Hungarians and non-Hungarians living together, in the interest of a higher common goal;

3.  the spiritual and material living conditions of the national Hungarian communities (ethnic groups) in the detached territories, as well as their right to vote for self-government, should be enforced just as those of the Hungarians living within the present territory of Hungary;

4.  the reinforcement and ministration of the common interests and cooperation of the Hungarian and other Central European peoples living together, especially in regard to their coexistence in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin (culture, economy, politics),  demonstrating their attachment in the past and in the present to certain personages and communities, to the common fate of the people of the Danube Valley and their democratic traditions of self-government.  

Budapest, March 15, 2010

The World Federation of Hungarians

Magyar Nemzeti Minimum - 2010 (magyar 2.)

5.¬ß   Gyarapod√≥ magyar nemzetet

C.     A magyars√°g K√°rp√°t-medencei jelenl√©t√©nek erŇĎs√≠t√©se c√©lj√°b√≥l kezdem√©nyezzen √©s t√°mogasson minden olyan int√©zked√©st, amely

o    megk√∂nny√≠ti a K√°rp√°t-medenc√©n k√≠v√ľl √©lŇĎ magyarok bev√°ndorl√°s√°t Magyarorsz√°gra;

o    cs√∂kkenti a t√∂bbs√©gi nemzetbe val√≥ beolvad√°st az elszak√≠tott ter√ľleteken;

o    cs√∂kkenti a magyarok kiv√°ndorl√°s√°t a K√°rp√°t-medenc√©n t√ļli ter√ľletekre;

o    rendezi √©s szab√°lyozza a magyarorsz√°gi cig√°nys√°gnak a magyar nemzettel k√∂z√∂s K√°rp√°t-medencei √©let√©t.

 C.   Ennek √©rdek√©ben

14.  Juttasson a GDP 1 %-√°t meghalad√≥ t√°mogat√°st a hat√°ron t√ļl √©lŇĎ magyars√°g r√©sz√©re.

15. A magyarorsz√°gi cig√°nys√°g √ľgy√©ben √∂sszhangba kell hozni a szoci√°lis t√°mogat√°sok kifizet√©seit a befizet√©sekkel.


6.¬ß   Meg√°lljt a kiszolg√°ltatotts√°gnak √©s az elszeg√©nyed√©snek

A magyar lakoss√°g Eur√≥pa m√©rc√©j√©vel m√©rve szeg√©nny√© √©s kiszolg√°ltatott√° v√°lt a kommunista √°llam kisemmizŇĎ majd a ‚Äěrendszerv√°lt√≥‚ÄĚ magyar √°llam kifoszt√≥ gazdas√°gpolitik√°ja k√∂vetkezt√©ben. A kiszolg√°ltatotts√°g a magyar nemzetet v√©dtelenn√© teszi a gazdas√°gi gyarmatos√≠t√≥ t√∂rekv√©sekkel szemben.

A kiszolgáltatottságának valamint a szegénység csökkentésének érdekében

16. Hozza nyilv√°noss√°gra az 1982 √≥ta keletkezett √°llamad√≥ss√°g dokument√°lt t√∂rt√©net√©t.

17. K√∂veteljen j√≥v√°t√©telt a Szovjetuni√≥ ut√≥d√°llamait√≥l az 1956-os szovjet katonai agresszi√≥ okozta k√°rok enyh√≠t√©s√©re.

18. Azonnali hat√°llyal kezdje el a kommunista magyar √°llam √°ltal elkobzott, 25 ezer milli√°rd Ft √©rt√©kre tehetŇĎ k√°rok megt√©r√≠t√©s√©t √°llampolg√°rai r√©sz√©re; csak olyan k√∂lts√©gvet√©si √©s p√©nz√ľgyi politik√°t t√°mogasson, amely szavatolja, hogy az √°llamad√≥ss√°g √©s kamatainak t√∂rleszt√©s√©re ford√≠tott √∂sszeg egyetlen √©vben se haladja meg saj√°t √°llampolg√°rainak k√°rtalan√≠t√°s√°ra ford√≠tott √∂sszeget.

19. Kezdem√©nyezzen halad√©ktalanul √©s t√°mogasson ‚Äď m√°r az orsz√°ggyŇĪl√©si ciklus elsŇĎ teljes √©v√©ben is ‚Äď minden olyan int√©zked√©st √©s jogszab√°ly m√≥dos√≠t√°st, melynek hat√°s√°ra az orsz√°ggyŇĪl√©si ciklus befejezŇĎ √©v√©re fel√©re cs√∂kken a l√©tminimum alatt √©lŇĎk sz√°ma Magyarorsz√°gon.

20. V√°llalja, hogy gazdas√°gpolitikai int√©zked√©seivel el√©ri, hogy a lakoss√°g nett√≥ √°tlagj√∂vedelme az orsz√°ggyŇĪl√©si ciklus v√©g√©re el√©ri az Eur√≥pai Uni√≥ ‚Äď bŇĎv√≠t√©s elŇĎtti ‚Äď 15 tag√°llama √°tlag√°nak 60 %-√°t.

21. Kezdem√©nyezze, √©s t√°mogassa a munk√°ra vonatkoz√≥ szab√°lyok (mint p√©ld√°ul a Munka T√∂rv√©nyk√∂nyve) m√≥dos√≠t√°s√°t √ļgy, hogy a magyar v√°llalkoz√°sok fejleszt√©se mellett a munkav√°llal√≥k v√©delm√©nek szintje el√©rje a legnagyobb biztons√°got ny√ļjt√≥ eur√≥pai orsz√°gok szintj√©t.


7.¬ß   Nemzeti tulajdonba a magyar f√∂ldet √©s a term√©szeti kincseket  

Az elm√ļlt 20 √©vben - a politikai oszt√°ly elhib√°zott √©s s√ļlyosan nemzetellenes gazdas√°gpolitikai √©s jogszab√°lyalkot√≥i tev√©kenys√©ge k√∂vetkezt√©ben - Magyarorsz√°g elvesztette termelŇĎ eszk√∂zei tulajdonjog√°nak jelentŇĎs h√°nyad√°t. Kiszolg√°ltatott√° v√°lt a glob√°lis gazdas√°gi terjeszked√©snek, jelentŇĎs m√©rt√©kben szŇĪk√≠tve a magyar n√©p term√©szetes √©letfelt√©teleit.

A magyar föld és más természeti kincsek nemzeti tulajdonban és hasznosításában maradásának érdekében

22. Kezdem√©nyezze az Eur√≥pai Uni√≥val k√∂t√∂tt szerzŇĎd√©sek, valamint a hazai jogszab√°lyok  m√≥dos√≠t√°s√°t annak √©rdek√©ben, hogy

1.       a f√∂ldet vonj√°k ki a tŇĎke szabad √°raml√°s√°r√≥l sz√≥l√≥ fejezet hat√°lya al√≥l;

2.       a magyar paraszts√°g a m√°s eur√≥pai orsz√°gokban √©lŇĎ paraszts√°ggal azonos mezŇĎgazdas√°gi t√°mogat√°sban r√©szes√ľlj√∂n;

3.       a magyar f√∂ld magyar tulajdonban maradjon.

23. Kezdem√©nyezzen olyan jogszab√°ly m√≥dos√≠t√°st, amely r√∂gz√≠ti, hogy a magyar v√≠zk√©szlet- √©s energiaforr√°sok √©s az azzal val√≥ gazd√°lkod√°st v√©gzŇĎ v√°llalatok kiz√°r√≥lag magyar k√∂z√∂ss√©gi tulajdonban maradjanak, illetve ker√ľljenek.


8.¬ß  Nemzeti √©rdek√©rv√©nyes√≠t√©st az Eur√≥pai Uni√≥ban

Az Eur√≥pai Uni√≥ keret√©n bel√ľli nemzeti √©rdek√©rv√©nyes√≠t√©s  Magyarorsz√°g csatlakoz√°sa √≥ta rendk√≠v√ľl gyenge hat√©konys√°ggal mŇĪk√∂dik. A magyar nemzet sz√°m√°ra l√©tfontoss√°g√ļ ter√ľleteken az eddigin√©l jelentŇĎsen nagyobb diplom√°ciai √©s egy√©b s√ļlyt kell k√©pviseln√ľnk. A magyar √°llam nem r√≥hat olyan terheket a magyar n√©pre ‚Äď az Eur√≥pai Uni√≥ra val√≥ hivatkoz√°ssal ‚Äď, mely azt Eur√≥pa m√°s n√©peivel szemben kiszolg√°ltatott√° teszi.

Ennek érdekében

24.  Ind√≠tv√°nyozza a magyar mezŇĎgazdas√°gi termelŇĎket s√ļjt√≥ k√°rt okoz√≥ int√©zked√©sek visszavon√°s√°t.

25.  Enyh√≠tse azokat az EU √°ltal megk√∂vetelt int√©zked√©seket, amelyek a magyar gazdas√°g √©s a v√°llalatok mŇĪk√∂dŇĎk√©pess√©g√©t nehez√≠tik vagy lehetetlenn√© teszik.

26.  Garant√°lja, hogy a k√∂zbeszerz√©sekre √©s a hazai beruh√°z√°sokra vonatkoz√≥ p√°ly√°zati felh√≠v√°sokban megfogalmazott felt√©telek ne z√°rhass√°k ki a magyar v√°llalatokat, hanem biztos√≠tsanak val√≥s lehetŇĎs√©get sz√°mukra.

27.  Alak√≠tson ki szorosabb kapcsolatokat vel√ľnk rokonszenvezŇĎ orsz√°gokkal (Lengyelorsz√°g, Horv√°torsz√°g, Olaszorsz√°g √©s m√°s k√∂z√©p-eur√≥pai orsz√°gok), k√∂ss√∂n vel√ľk strat√©giai sz√∂vets√©get.


9.¬ß  Gyarmatos√≠t√°s elleni v√©delmet 

Izrael √Āllam eln√∂k√©nek 2007. okt√≥ber 10-i besz√©de, melyet Tel-Avivban, a Kereskedelmi Irod√°k Szervezet√©nek √©ves k√∂zgyŇĪl√©s√©n mondott, megszabta a felv√°s√°rl√°s m√≥dszer√©vel foly√≥ zsid√≥ birodalom√©p√≠t√©s fŇĎ csap√°si ir√°nyait: Manhattan, Lengyelorsz√°g, Rom√°nia √©s haz√°nk, Magyarorsz√°g.
Sz√°munkra ez a j√∂vŇĎk√©p elfogadhatatlan!

Izrael gazdas√°gi t√©rh√≥d√≠t√°sa Magyarorsz√°gon nem moshat√≥ √∂ssze az egy√©b idegen tŇĎke be√°raml√°s√°val. K√ľl√∂nbs√©get kell tenni a politika-semleges tŇĎke√°raml√°s √©s a h√≥d√≠t√≥ sz√°nd√©k√ļ, √°llamilag t√°mogatott tŇĎke gazdas√°gi terjeszked√©se k√∂z√∂tt. Ez ut√≥bbi nem j√°r egyed√ľl. A gazdas√°gi h√≥d√≠t√°ssal p√°rhuzamosan az √ļj gyarmatos√≠t√°s imm√°ron klasszikus hatalombiztos√≠t√≥ eszk√∂zt√°ra is bevet√©sre ker√ľl:

o   olyan j√°t√©kszab√°lyok bevet√©se, amelyek a demokratikus l√°tszat megŇĎrz√©se mellett biztos√≠tj√°k a h√°tt√©ruralmat (kifejlett form√°j√°ban ez az Egyes√ľlt √Āllamok t√≠pus√ļ k√©tp√°rtrendszer),

o   a politikai elit korrump√°l√°sa,

o   a politikai kult√ļra√©p√≠t√©s eszk√∂zeinek monop√≥liuma,

o   a rendszer b√≠r√°l√≥inak m√≥dszeres d√©moniz√°l√°sa,

o   a tan√ľgy megsz√°ll√°sa,

o   az eg√©szs√©g√ľgy ellenŇĎrz√©se 

Mindezeken t√ļlmenŇĎen m√°ra siker√ľlt Izrael √ľgyn√∂keinek Magyarorsz√°gon le√©p√≠teni a honv√©ds√©get, √°tprogramozni a politikai rendŇĎrs√©get (NBH √©s REBISZ), sŇĎt az INKAL SECURITY Kft. alakj√°ban a l√©trehozni a t√°rsadalmi ellenŇĎrz√©s √©s erŇĎszak alkalmaz√°s√°nak eszk√∂z√©t is. Az INKAL SECURITY Kft. sz√≠nrel√©p√©se a 2006. okt√≥ber 23-i szemkil√∂vŇĎs,viper√°s v√©rengz√©sek alkalm√°b√≥l akaratlanul is az IRGUN terrorszervezetet juttatj√°k esz√ľnkbe.

Magyarorsz√°gon a cig√°nyok √°ltal elk√∂vetett magyarellenes atrocit√°sok sz√°ma p√°rhuzamosan n√∂vekszik az izraeli gyarmatos√≠t√°s m√©rt√©k√©vel. Ma m√©g nem tudjuk biztosan, hogy e p√°rhuzamoss√°g m√∂g√∂tt l√©tezik-e okozati √∂sszef√ľgg√©s vagy sem.

A magyars√°g vil√°gszerte aggodalommal √©s n√∂vekvŇĎ felh√°borod√°ssal k√≠s√©ri az izraeli gyarmatos√≠t√°s kiteljesed√©s√©t haz√°nkban.

A térhódítás visszaszorítása érdekében

28.      Sz√≥l√≠tsa fel Izrael √Āllamot, hogy halad√©ktalanul sz√ľntesse be h√≥d√≠t√≥ politik√°j√°t Magyarorsz√°gon.
Ennek folytat√°sa elŇĎbb-ut√≥bb a K√∂zel-Kelethez hasonl√≥an destabiliz√°lja t√©rs√©g√ľnket. Ez v√©gsŇĎ soron senkinek sem √©rdeke.


10.¬ß √ČltetŇĎ alkotm√°nyos rendet, mŇĪk√∂dŇĎ jog√°llamot

Az √©ltetŇĎ alkotm√°nyos rend, a mŇĪk√∂dŇĎ jog√°llam kialak√≠t√°sa √©s a nemzeti √©rdek√©rv√©nyes√≠t√©s √©rdek√©ben m√°ra elod√°zhatatlan feladatt√° v√°lt.  A  Szent Korona √©rt√©krenden alapul√≥ √ļj magyar alkotm√°ny (Alapt√∂rv√©ny) megalkot√°sa, mely m√©ltatja a kereszt√©ny √∂r√∂ks√©get, s melynek c√©lja az √©vezredek alatt ki√©rlelt, jellegzetesen magyar Alkotm√°ny √ļtj√°hoz val√≥ visszat√©r√©s, a megszakadt jogfolytonoss√°g helyre√°ll√≠t√°sa alapvetŇĎ felt√©tele a t√°rsadalmi Fordulatnak.

Ennek érdekében

29.   Ind√≠tv√°nyozza a politikai d√∂nt√©shoz√≥knak √©s az orsz√°g v√°laszt√≥polg√°rainak ‚Äď n√©pszavaz√°ssal megerŇĎs√≠tett ‚Äď t√∂rv√©ny elfogad√°s√°t, amely kimondja:

1.     a jelenkori magyar √°llam ‚Äď k√∂z√©let√ľnk alkotm√°nyos hagyom√°nyaihoz k√∂tŇĎdŇĎen - a t√∂rt√©nelmileg l√©tezett magyarorsz√°gi √°llamrendszerekkel  folytonosnak tekinti mag√°t, el√≠t√©li az √∂nk√©nyuralom minden form√°j√°t, az elm√ļlt √∂nk√©nyuralmi rendszerekkel mindennemŇĪ  k√∂z√∂ss√©get √©s folyamatoss√°got megtagad;

2.     az orsz√°ggyŇĪl√©s elrendeli Magyarorsz√°g alkotm√°nyos jelentŇĎs√©gŇĪ jogszab√°lyainak (jogalkot√°s√°nak √©s √°llamszervezet√©nek) n√©gy √©ven bel√ľl t√∂rt√©nŇĎ fel√ľlvizsg√°lat√°t, majd orsz√°ggyŇĪl√©si megerŇĎs√≠t√©s√©t √©s √ļj t√∂rv√©nyek megalkot√°s√°t az√©rt, hogy mind a t√∂rt√©nelmi folyamatoss√°g, a magyarorsz√°gi alkotm√°nyos gondolkod√°s hagyom√°nyai, mind a jelenkor t√°rsadalmi-nemzetpolitikai k√∂vetelm√©nyei kellŇĎ s√ļllyal √©rv√©nyes√ľljenek.

30.     Kapjon k√ľl√∂n√∂sen meghat√°roz√≥ szerepet

  1. a magyar nemzet azonoss√°g√°nak √©s √©rt√©keinek megŇĎrz√©se √°llamhat√°rokra tekintet n√©lk√ľl;

    1. Magyarorsz√°g Szent Koron√°j√°nak azon ‚Äď minden √°llamform√°ban tiszteletben tartand√≥ ‚Äď eszm√©je, amely szerint

a)a megosztott √©s ellenŇĎrz√∂tt (az √∂nk√©nyuralommal √∂sszeegyeztethetetlen) hatalom forr√°sa az √∂nrendelkezŇĎ nemzet;

b)    az √°llam √©s nemzet fŇĎhatalm√°t a Szent Korona jelk√©pezi √©s egyben megszem√©lyes√≠ti , mint a fŇĎhatalom alanya;

c)     a Szent Korona minden tulajdon forr√°sa az orsz√°gon bel√ľl, s jelk√©pe nemzetk√∂zi tekintetben;

d)    az egy√ľtt √©lŇĎ magyarok √©s nem magyarok nyelvre, saj√°tos hagyom√°nyokra √©s vall√°sra tekintet n√©lk√ľl szerves k√∂z√∂ss√©get alkotnak egy magasabb rendŇĪ k√∂z√∂s c√©l szolg√°lat√°ban;


  1. az elszak√≠tott magyar nemzeti k√∂z√∂ss√©gek (n√©pcsoportok) szellemi √©s anyagi l√©tfelt√©teleinek, √∂nrendelkez√©si jog√°nak szavatol√°sa, √©rv√©nyre juttat√°sa mind a belsŇĎ, mind az √°llamk√∂zi viszonyokban;

  1. a magyar √©s m√°s k√∂z√©p-eur√≥pai egy√ľtt √©lŇĎ n√©pek √©rdekk√∂z√∂ss√©g√©nek √©s egy√ľttmŇĪk√∂d√©s√©nek erŇĎs√≠t√©se √©s szolg√°lata, k√ľl√∂n√∂s tekintettel Magyarorsz√°g √©s a K√°rp√°t-medencei k√∂z√∂s l√©t (kult√ļra, gazdas√°g, politika) ir√°nt a m√ļltban √©s jelenben k√∂tŇĎd√©st mutat√≥ szem√©lyekre √©s k√∂z√∂ss√©gekre, a Duna-v√∂lgyi n√©pek k√∂z√∂s sors√°ra √©s √∂nkorm√°nyzati, demokratikus hagyom√°nyaira.



Budapest, 2010. március 15-én


                                                                  A Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge


ElsŇĎ oldal itt: Magyar Nemzeti Minimum - 2010 (magyar)

Magyar Nemzeti Minimum - 2010 (magyar)

A Fordulat, avagy Az erkölcs mindenek felett

Magyar Nemzeti Minimum - 2010


A Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©g√©nek Eln√∂ks√©ge m√°sodik olvasatban elfogadta a 2010-re aktualiz√°lt Magyar Nemzeti Minimum c√≠mŇĪ nemzetpolitikai programj√°t, amelynek t√©teleit meg√≠t√©l√©se szerint minden magyar p√°rtnak fel kell v√°llalnia. Ez√©rt nemzeti minimum. A dokumentum AFordulat, avagy Az erk√∂lcs mindenek felett c√≠met viseli. Az MVSZ elk√ľldi azt minden orsz√°gos list√°t √°ll√≠t√≥ magyarorsz√°gi p√°rtnak √©s szervezetnek √©s k√©ri, hogy viszonyuljanak hozz√°. Ugyanakkor Magyarorsz√°g v√°laszt√≥ polg√°rainak is figyelm√©be aj√°nlja, mintegy m√©rc√©t, amelyhez m√©rhetik az egyes politikai p√°rtok programj√°nak nemzeti tartalmait.


A Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge azt a politikai szervezetet aj√°nlja a magyar v√°laszt√≥polg√°rok figyelm√©be, amelynek programj√°ban a legt√∂bb t√©tel fellelhetŇĎ a Magyar Nemzeti Minimum 2010-es v√°ltozat√°b√≥l.


A tíz paragrafus harminc pontja összesen 45 nemzetpolitikai tételt tartalmaz.

0.¬ß Teljes erk√∂lcsi meg√ļjul√°st

1.¬ß   A magyar n√©p √∂nrendelkez√©si ig√©ny√©nek √©rv√©nyes√≠t√©s√©t

2.§ Igazságot Európának
3.¬ß   Egys√©ges magyar nemzetet

4.¬ß   Magyar nemzeti kult√ļr√°t √©s oktat√°st  
5.¬ß   Gyarapod√≥ magyar nemzetet 
6.¬ß   Meg√°lljt a kiszolg√°ltatotts√°gnak √©s az elszeg√©nyed√©snek

7.¬ß   Nemzeti tulajdonba a magyar f√∂ldet √©s a term√©szeti kincseket  

8.¬ß   Nemzeti √©rdek√©rv√©nyes√≠t√©st az Eur√≥pai Uni√≥ban

9.¬ß   Gyarmatos√≠t√°s elleni v√©delmet 

10.¬ß √ČltetŇĎ alkotm√°nyos rendet, mŇĪk√∂dŇĎ jog√°llamot


MVSZ Sajtószolgálat




A Fordulat



Az erkölcs mindenek felett






Magyar Nemzeti Minimum ‚Äď 2010







Magyarok Világszövetsége

2010. m√°rcius 15.


A Magyarok Világszövetségének





A Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge a magyar nemzet j√∂vŇĎje ir√°nti felelŇĎss√©gtŇĎl ind√≠ttatva a magyar nemzet jelenlegi √°llapot√°b√≥l kiindulva √©s a glob√°lis folyamatokat mindv√©gig szem elŇĎtt tartva 2005 szeptember√©ben elfogadta, √©s nyilv√°noss√°gra hozta 

Magyar Nemzeti Minimum

 c√≠mŇĪ dokumentum√°t.


         A nyilv√°noss√°gra hozatal √≥ta eltelt t√∂bb mint 4 esztendŇĎ alatt bek√∂vetkezett, a magyar nemzetet √©rintŇĎ t√°rsadalmi- gazdas√°gi - politikai v√°ltoz√°sok a magyar nemzet √°llapot√°nak s√ļlyos roml√°s√°t id√©zt√©k elŇĎ. A magyarorsz√°gi politikai uralkod√≥ oszt√°ly nem tette programj√°nak, cselekv√©seinek r√©sz√©v√© a Magyar Nemzeti Minimum t√©teleit, sŇĎt, egyenesen az ellenkezŇĎ ir√°nyban hatott tev√©kenys√©g√©vel. Elm√©ly√≠tette a v√°ls√°got, amely ma m√°r erk√∂lcsi-politikai gazdas√°gi v√°ls√°gg√° v√°lt.


A Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge alap√≠t√°s√°nak 70. √©vfordul√≥ja idej√©n, 2008. augusztus√°ban √ľl√©sezett Magyarok VII. Vil√°gkongresszusa azt tŇĪzte ki c√©lul, hogy erk√∂lcsi √©s szellemi fordulatot id√©zzen elŇĎ Magyarorsz√°g √©s a magyar nemzet √©let√©ben. T√∂bb mint 800 k√ľld√∂tt √©s mintegy 400 vend√©g vett r√©szt azon a 12 konferenci√°n, amelyen keletrŇĎl √©rkezett akad√©mikusok √©s nyugatr√≥l √©rkezett politikusok t√°rsas√°g√°ban magyar tud√≥sok, kutat√≥k √©s k√∂z√©leti szem√©lyis√©gek tan√°cskoztak a magyars√°g sorsk√©rd√©seirŇĎl.  A VII. Vil√°gkongresszus, melyet m√©ltat√≥ lev√©lben √ľdv√∂z√∂lt a Dalai L√°ma √©s Eur√≥pa tal√°n legismertebb nyelvt√∂rt√©n√©sze, Mario Alinei professzor, eddig nem tapasztalt, gy√∂ny√∂rŇĪ √≠vet h√ļzott, amely az Alt√°jt√≥l az Atlanti-√≥ce√°nig √©rt, √©s amelynek k√∂z√©ppontj√°ban mindv√©gig a jobb sorsra √©rdemes, szeretett √©s nagyra hivatott magyar nemzet √°llt.


A magyar t√°rsadalom meg√©rett a Fordulatra.


 A Magyarok VII. Vil√°gkongresszusa ‚Äď mint a legnagyobb legitimit√°ssal rendelkezŇĎ √∂sszmagyar test√ľlet, amely 1920. j√ļnius 4-e √≥ta egyed√ľl k√©pviseli legitim m√≥don az egyetemes magyar n√©pet - sz√°mos olyan hat√°rozatot hozott, mely a dokumentum t√©teleit megerŇĎs√≠tette illetve kieg√©sz√≠tette. A legfontosabb hat√°rozat√°val elfogadta a magyar n√©p √Ėnrendelkez√©si nyilatkozat√°t majd a Trianon √ļjra√©rt√©kel√©se c√≠mŇĪ  konferencia √°ltal hozott hat√°rozat alapj√°n a Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge Eln√∂ks√©ge megalkotta √©s elfogadta a trianoni √©s a  p√°rizsi b√©ke fel√ľlvizsg√°lat√°t c√©lz√≥, Igazs√°got Eur√≥p√°nak! c√≠met viselŇĎ pet√≠ci√≥j√°t E dokumentumok √ļj korszakot nyitottak a magyar nemzeti √©rdek√©rv√©nyes√≠t√©s elŇĎtt, ez√©rt √ľzenet√ľkkel kieg√©sz√≠tett√ľk a Magyar Nemzeti Minimumot. A Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge elv√°rja, hogy mindazon politikai erŇĎk, amelyek 2010-ben Magyarorsz√°gon a n√©pfels√©g megjelen√≠t√©s√©re ‚Äď azaz orsz√°ggyŇĪl√©si k√©pviseletre ‚Äď t√∂rekszenek, maguk√©nak tekints√©k, √©s hajland√≥ak legyenek v√°laszt√°si- illetve korm√°nyprogramjukba beemelni a Magyar Nemzeti Minimum t√©teleit.


Elv√°rjuk, hogy orsz√°ggyŇĪl√©si k√©pviselettel rendelkezve t√°mogassa, korm√°nyzati poz√≠ci√≥ban pedig kezdem√©nyezze a Fordulat √©rdek√©ben az al√°bbiakat.


Kelt Budapesten, 2010. március 15-én






0.¬ß. Teljes erk√∂lcsi meg√ļjul√°st

El√©g volt h√ļsz √©v t√©velyg√©s√©bŇĎl! Ki kell mondanunk az 1989. okt√≥ber 23-√°n kiki√°ltott Magyar K√∂zt√°rsas√°g v√©g√©t.A h√ļsz √©vvel ezelŇĎtt kiki√°ltott demokratikus jog√°llam tartalm√°t√≥l ki√ľr√ľltnek, √©s megszŇĪntnek tekinthetŇĎ:

o   hiszen h√ļsz √©v alatt a k√∂zel n√©gysz√°z parlamenti k√©pviselŇĎ k√∂z√ľl egy sem k√©rdezte meg: kinek, meddig √©s mi√©rt kell fizetni az imm√°r √©vi 1.500 milli√°rd forintot kitevŇĎ kamatot, mik√∂zben az √°llamad√≥ss√°g nem cs√∂kken, hanem folyamatosan nŇĎ!

o   hiszen  korm√°nya alkotm√°nys√©rt√©sek, t√∂rv√©nys√©rt√©sek √©s hazugs√°gok √°radat√°val t√©vesztette meg 2004. december 5-e elŇĎtt a magyar nemzet hat√°rok f√∂l√∂tt √°tny√ļl√≥, b√©k√©s egys√©ges√ľl√©s√©t kimondani hivatott n√©pszavaz√°sra k√©sz√ľlŇĎ magyar polg√°rokat!

o   hiszen b√ľntetlen√ľl hagyta a 2006. szeptember 17-√©n kisziv√°rogtatott, balaton√∂sz√∂di orsz√°gk√°roml√°st!

o   hiszen a dicsŇĎs√©ges, 1956-os Magyar Forradalom √©s Szabads√°gharc 50. √©vfordul√≥j√°n, 2006. okt√≥ber 23-√°n Budapesten rendŇĎrruh√°ba b√ļjtatott, d√ľh√∂ngŇĎ martal√≥cok t√ľzet nyithattak b√©k√©s eml√©kezŇĎkre, √©s az utca por√°ba taposhatt√°k a magyar nemzeti lobog√≥t!

o   hiszen a budapesti parlament 2007. december 17-√©n t√∂bb mint n√©gy√∂t√∂d√∂s t√∂bbs√©ggel, olvasatlanul szavazta meg a Magyar K√∂zt√°rsas√°g szuverenit√°s√°t gyakorlatilag felsz√°mol√≥ lisszaboni szerzŇĎd√©st!

o   hiszen √©letelleness√© v√°lt: a legfŇĎbb b√≠r√≥i test√ľlet, az Alkotm√°nyb√≠r√≥s√°g olyan t√∂rv√©ny elfogad√°s√°t k√©nyszer√≠tette ki, amely lehetŇĎv√© tette a 18. √©let√©v√ľket bet√∂ltŇĎ ifjaknak, hogy eg√©sz √©let√ľkre kihat√≥an, mŇĪvi √ļton meddŇĎv√© t√©tess√©k magukat!

o   hiszen ugyancsak az Alkotm√°nyb√≠r√≥s√°g, a legs√ļlyosabb t√∂rv√©nys√©rt√©st is v√°llalta, amikor imm√°r h√°rom √©ve tevŇĎlegesen akad√°lyozza a n√©pfels√©g √©rv√©nyes√ľl√©s√©t: h√°rom √©ve k√©slelteti a m√°sodik n√©pszavaz√°s ki√≠r√°s√°t a k√ľlhoni magyarok magyar √°llampolg√°rs√°g√°nak √ľgy√©ben!

o   hiszen az Alkotm√°nyb√≠r√≥s√°g megalakul√°sa √≥ta alkotm√°nyt s√©rtŇĎ m√≥don mŇĪk√∂dik √©s a 21 √©v alatt meghozott √∂sszes hat√°rozata de jure semmis.

A magyar t√°rsadalom erk√∂lcsi meg√ļjul√°sa nem anyagi l√©t√ľnk f√ľggv√©nye. A szentek, szabad√≠t√≥k, √©lenj√°r√≥k, mint p√©ldak√©pek minden feln√∂vŇĎ nemzed√©k sz√°m√°ra a j√∂vŇĎbe vetett hit t√°pl√°l√≥i, a rem√©ny √©ltetŇĎi. Ňźk alak√≠tj√°k az √ļj nemzed√©k lelki arculat√°t. P√©ldak√©pekre, erk√∂lcsi p√©ldamutat√°sra mindenkor, de erk√∂lcsi meg√ļjul√°sunkhoz jelen idŇĎnkben k√ľl√∂n√∂sen nagy sz√ľks√©g√ľnk van

Ennek √©rdek√©ben                                                  

1. T√°mogassa √©s szorgalmazza PetŇĎfi S√°ndor hal√°la k√∂r√ľlm√©nyeinek teljes felt√°r√°s√°t, a magyar nemzetre erŇĎltetett t√∂rt√©nelmi hamis√≠t√°s megsz√ľntet√©s√©t.
2. A politikusbŇĪn√∂z√©s √©s korrupci√≥ felsz√°mol√°s√°val √°ll√≠tsa helyre a v√°lasztott n√©pk√©pviselŇĎk ir√°nti bizalmat.


1.¬ß   A magyar n√©p √∂nrendelkez√©si ig√©ny√©nek √©rv√©nyes√≠t√©s√©t

A megold√°s alapvetŇĎ eszk√∂ze a szabads√°g √©s egyenlŇĎs√©g elv√©re √©p√ľlŇĎ √∂nrendelkez√©s, amely minden n√©p term√©szetes √©s elidegen√≠thetetlen joga, 1977 √≥ta az ENSZ K√∂zgyŇĪl√©se √°ltal elfogadott k√∂telezŇĎ jellegŇĪ alapjog

Ennek érvényre juttatása érdekében

3. A magyar n√©p kinyilatkoztatott √∂nrendelkez√©si ig√©ny√©t r√∂gz√≠teni kell a magyar alkotm√°nyban √©s √ļj nemzetstrat√©gi√°t kell kidolgozni √∂nrendelkez√©si jog√°nak √©rv√©nyes√≠t√©s√©re.

4. Az √∂nrendelkez√©si jog √©rv√©nyes√≠t√©s√©nek legfŇĎbb eszk√∂ze a n√©pakaratot kimutat√≥ n√©pszavaz√°s. Elv√°rjuk, hogy a Magyar Korm√°ny adjon meg minden lehets√©ges t√°mogat√°st a n√©pszavaz√°sok lebonyol√≠t√°s√°hoz, √©s az √∂nrendelkez√©si jog √©rv√©nyes√≠t√©s√©hez n√©lk√ľl√∂zhetetlen felt√©telek megteremt√©s√©hez. K√©pviselje a kinyilatkoztatott n√©pakaratot minden illet√©kes f√≥rum √©s kiemelten az Egyes√ľlt Nemzetek Szervezete elŇĎtt. 

5. A minden n√©pet megilletŇĎ √∂nrendelkez√©si jog jegy√©ben zajl√≥ magyar √∂nrendelkez√©s folyamat√°ban v√°llaljon, alkotm√°nyos alapon, v√©dŇĎhatalmi st√°tust a K√°rp√°t-medencei elszak√≠tott ter√ľleteken √©lŇĎ magyar nemzeti k√∂z√∂ss√©gek ir√°nt.


2.§ Igazságot Európának

A magyar k√©rd√©s rendez√©se nem tŇĪr halaszt√°st!

2010. j√ļnius 4-√©n lesz 90 √©ve annak, hogy az I. vil√°gh√°bor√ļt lez√°r√≥, Trianonban al√°√≠rt b√©keszerzŇĎd√©ssel a gyŇĎztes hatalmak √©rv√©nyes√≠tett√©k a m√°r a h√°bor√ļ elŇĎtt megvolt sz√°nd√©kaikat: a kor√°bban a Magyar Kir√°lys√°gban √©lŇĎ √©s 1222 √≥ta √≠rott alkotm√°nnyal rendelkezŇĎ, jog√°llamis√°gb√≥l Eur√≥p√°nak p√©ld√°t mutat√≥ orsz√°gban √°llamalkot√≥ szerepet j√°tsz√≥ magyar nemzetet h√©tfel√© szaggatt√°k, √©s 3,5 milli√≥ magyart megk√©rdez√©se n√©lk√ľl, akarata ellen√©re idegen uralom al√° k√©nyszer√≠tett√©k.  A II. vil√°gh√°bor√ļt lez√°r√≥, 1947. febru√°r 10-√©n al√°√≠rt p√°rizsi b√©ke Magyarorsz√°g sz√°m√°ra egy √ļjabb dikt√°tum, egy m√°sodik Trianon volt, amely t√ļltett az elsŇĎn: Magyarorsz√°gt√≥l √ļjabb ter√ľleteket csatoltak el, n√©p√ľnket a h√°bor√ļ befejez√©se ut√°n tov√°bb gyilkolt√°k. A p√°rizsi b√©k√©t k√∂vetŇĎen a kommunista berendezked√©sŇĪ magyar √°llam megfeledkezett elcsatolt nemzett√°rsair√≥l, akikkel szemben alkotm√°nyos k√∂telezetts√©gei voltak. Ma, amikor az Eur√≥pai K√∂z√∂ss√©g (Eur√≥pai Uni√≥) ‚Äěa szabads√°g, a jog, a biztons√°g‚ÄĚ t√©rs√©g√©v√© k√≠v√°n v√°lni, nem lehet kettŇĎs m√©rce alkalmaz√°s√°t t√∂bb√© egyetlen n√©ppel ‚Äď √≠gy a magyarral ‚Äď szemben sem fenntartani. Ez√©rt, amikor ma, 90 √©vvel az I. vil√°gh√°bor√ļ lez√°r√°sa ut√°n azt mondjuk: Igazs√°got Magyarorsz√°gnak, az tulajdonk√©ppen azt jelenti: Igazs√°got Eur√≥p√°nak!

Az igazság érvényre juttatása érdekében

6. Kezdem√©nyezze az I. vil√°gh√°bor√ļt lez√°r√≥ trianoni √©s a II. vil√°gh√°bor√ļt lez√°r√≥ p√°rizsi b√©ke f√∂l√ľlvizsg√°lat√°t, a magyar n√©p tov√°bbi h√°tr√°nyos megk√ľl√∂nb√∂ztet√©s√©nek megsz√ľntet√©s√©t √©s igazs√°g szolg√°ltat√°s√°t a magyar n√©p sz√°m√°ra.

3.¬ß   Egys√©ges magyar nemzetet

A magyar nemzet politikai egys√©g√©nek helyre√°ll√≠t√°sa egyik legs√ľrgŇĎsebb feladatunk. A Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge ‚Äď Alapszab√°ly√°ba foglalt k√∂teless√©ge szerint elj√°rva 2004-ben n√©pszavaz√°st kezdem√©nyezett annak √©rdek√©ben, hogy - a magyar politikai oszt√°ly √°ltal √≠g√©ret√ľk ellen√©re mindeddig elszabot√°lt - jogszab√°ly m√≥dos√≠t√°ssal a magyar √°llampolg√°rs√°got minden magyar ember meg- illetve visszakaphassa. A n√©pszavaz√°s √©rv√©nytelens√©ge mellett is az IGEN-ek gyŇĎzelm√©t mutatta. A Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge erk√∂lcsi k√∂teless√©ge e k√©rd√©s megold√°s√°t sikerre vinni. Ez√©rt is kezdem√©nyezte m√°sodik alkalommal e t√°rgyban √ļjabb n√©pszavaz√°s ki√≠r√°s√°t. A jogszab√°lyi m√≥dos√≠t√°s sor√°n a Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge az elj√°r√°sra az √©rintettek egyoldal√ļ nyilatkozatt√©tel√©t aj√°nlja, melynek k√∂vetkezm√©nyek√©nt a nyilatkoz√≥k √°llampolg√°rs√°gukat a nyilatkozatt√©tel napj√°val megszerzik.

A magyar nemzet politikai egységének helyreállítása érdekében

7. Kezdem√©nyezze √©s t√°mogassa az √Āllampolg√°rs√°gi t√∂rv√©ny m√≥dos√≠t√°s√°t √ļgy, hogy minden magyar, akit magyar √°llampolg√°rs√°g√°t√≥l a trianoni b√©keparanccsal ‚Äď vagy egy√©b √ļton, de ‚Äď akarata ellen√©re fosztottak meg, valamint az ŇĎ lesz√°rmazottaik magyar √°llampolg√°rs√°gukat visszanyerhess√©k minden k√ľl√∂n√∂sebb elŇĎfelt√©tel, p√©ld√°ul √°ttelep√ľl√©s n√©lk√ľl is.

8. Kezdem√©nyezze √©s t√°mogassa a cs√°ng√≥ magyarok √°ttelep√ľl√©s n√©lk√ľli √°llampolg√°rs√°g szerz√©s√©t.


4.¬ß   Magyar nemzeti kult√ļr√°t √©s oktat√°st  

A magyar szellem Eur√≥pa egyetlen n√©p√©n√©l sem h√°tr√°bb val√≥. Alkot√°sai ‚Äď a hieroglif√°kt√≥l a nem euklideszi geometri√°n √°t a holografikus vil√°gmodellig ‚Äď a vil√°g szellemi √©let√©ben kiemelkedŇĎ jelentŇĎs√©gŇĪek. A glob√°lis nyom√°st√≥l szenvedŇĎ, kult√ļr√°j√°t vesz√≠tŇĎ n√©pek k√∂z√∂tt a magyar szellem eredm√©nyeire t√°maszkodni mindenkor k√∂teless√©g√ľnk. Ezen alkot√°sok a magyar n√©p kincs√©t k√©pezik. A magyars√°gtudom√°nyok mŇĪvel√©s√©nek az eg√©sz magyar nemzetre gyakorolt hat√°sa helyes √∂nismeret√ľnk kialak√≠t√°s√°t, nemzeti √∂nbecs√ľl√©s√ľnk helyre√°ll√≠t√°s√°t seg√≠theti, ez√°ltal felbecs√ľlhetetlen erŇĎt, energi√°t adhat a t√°rsadalmi Fordulat megval√≥s√≠t√°s√°hoz.

Ennek érdekében

 9.  Tegye a k√∂zoktat√°s feladat√°v√° a magyars√°gtudom√°nyi ismeretek, tudom√°nyok tan√≠t√°s√°t.

10. Kezdem√©nyezze a finnugor sz√°rmaz√°selm√©let f√∂l√ľlvizsg√°lat√°t.


Folytat√°s: Magyar Nemzeti Minimum - 2010 (magyar 2.)

Botos L√°szl√≥ az MVSZ amerikai orsz√°gos tan√°cs√°nak √ļj eln√∂ke

Botos L√°szl√≥ az MVSZ amerikai orsz√°gos tan√°cs√°nak √ļj eln√∂ke

2010. december 28.

Clevelandben √ľl√©sezett az MVSZ amerikai orsz√°gos tan√°cs√°nak k√∂zgyŇĪl√©se. A k√∂zgyŇĪl√©s Botos L√°szl√≥t, a Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge Eln√∂ks√©g√©nek tagj√°t v√°lasztotta eln√∂k√©v√©. Register to read more...

gy szavaztak a pártok az MVSZ 2011. évi költségvetési támogatásáról

√ćgy szavaztak a p√°rtok az MVSZ 2011. √©vi k√∂lts√©gvet√©si t√°mogat√°s√°r√≥l

2010. december 23.

Orb√°n √©s Gyurcs√°ny a Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge ellen c√≠mŇĪ k√∂zlem√©ny√ľnkben t√°j√©koztattunk arr√≥l, hogy az Orsz√°ggyŇĪl√©s les√∂p√∂rte a Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge 2011. √©vi t√°mogat√°s√°ra Nov√°k ElŇĎd √©s Sz√°vay Istv√°n, jobbikos k√©pviselŇĎk √°ltal elŇĎterjesztett, 474 milli√≥ forintos m√≥dos√≠t√≥ ind√≠tv√°nyt. Register to read more...

Orbán és Gyurcsány a Magyarok Világszövetsége ellen

Orbán és Gyurcsány a Magyarok Világszövetsége ellen

2010. december 21.

‚Äě√ĖsszenŇĎ, ami √∂sszetartozik‚ÄĚ ‚Äď mondhatn√° enyhe rosszm√°j√ļs√°ggal b√°rki, aki a korm√°nyp√°rtok (Fidesz, KDNP) √©s a baloldal (MSZP, LMP) egy√ľttes fell√©p√©s√©t a Magyarok Vil√°gsz√∂vets√©ge ellen megtapasztalta. Register to read more...

Nyílt levél Duray Miklósnak!

Nyílt levél Duray Miklósnak!

2010. december 20.

A H√≠r Tv ‚ÄěFill√©res eml√©keim‚ÄĚ c√≠mŇĪ besz√©lgetŇĎs mŇĪsor√°ban a TŇĎled megszokott ‚Äěkegyetlen‚ÄĚ ŇĎszintes√©ggel √©rt√©kelted, t√∂bbek k√∂z√∂tt, az elm√ļlt 20 √©v t√∂rt√©n√©seit ‚Äď a saj√°t √©s a felvid√©ki magyars√°g szempontj√°b√≥l.

A m√©rleg elszomor√≠t√≥: nincs szinte semmi k√©zzel foghat√≥ eredm√©ny azon k√≠v√ľl, hogy √©rt√©kelŇĎ √≠r√°said ŇĎrzik a kor tapasztalatait. Register to read more...

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